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Sunday September 8th

by Dr. Chris Gray

A wonderful sermon from this past Sunday.

Worth Repeating

by Dr. Rob White

Pastor Rob gives us a message worth repeating

How Would Jesus Be Received Today?

by Dr. Rob White

Today, we look at Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem
a few days before He was crucified for our sins, but
during that joyful occasion, there were people in the
crowd that I think many of us will relate to.

When The Upright Get Uptight Conclusion

by Dr. Rob White

Dr. Rob White gives us the conclusion of his series "When the Upright Get Uptight"

When the upright get uptight, Part 3

The Solution of It

by Dr. Rob White

The Solution of It:
Part 3 of When the Upright Get Uptight

When the upright get uptight, Part 2

by Dr. Rob White

When the upright get uptight, Part 1

by Dr. Rob White

Has Your Thanksgiving Quit Giving?

by Pastor Daniel Godfrey