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Arrowwood Baptist Church

“Spirit-filled Living”

In our study through the book of Acts on Sundays, we are seeing a picture of Spirit-filled living. On the day of Pentecost, God’s Spirit came down and filled His people. Acts 2:42-47 describes a Spirit-filled church—a church in revival. They were devoted to the Word of God, prayer, and fellowship with each other. They were walking together in unity and in deep and abounding love for one another. They remembered Christ’s sacrifice for them, and they sacrificed for each other. They worshiped together daily in the temple courts, and they broke bread together in their homes. They were filled with joy and praise for God, and God added to their number daily those who were being saved. Below is an article by Carla Horton, our Sunday School Director, which gives us some very practical steps toward Spirit-filled living.

Gratefully Serving Him

Pastor Daniel




Sunday School High Attendance Day - February 21, 2016

Goal: 250! Sunday School Enrollment: 241 Average Sunday School Attendance: 175

A recent article by Pastor Rick Warren titled, 5 Big Goals for Each New Year of Ministry, could also be applied to Sunday School. I believe that Sunday School is a vital part of our worship experience, so allow me to share these goals with you.

Goal 1: Attendance - Gathering together is a great means of encouragement, correction/reflection, and growth. Make regular contact with members and absentees. Invite and enroll new members.

Goal 2: Connections - "An ember pulled from the fire, goes out." Classes should do everything they can to strengthen connections through fellowship, projects and meals.

Goal 3: Maturity - We should help our members grow in spiritual maturity. Think: How can you grow this year in your relationship with God and in the fruit of the Spirit to live a more obedient Christ-like life?

Goal 4: Ministry and Leaders - Every class can encourage members to have a place of service in the church and/or the community. "One can't do everything, but all can do one thing."

Goal 5: Great Commission - Classes can pursue projects in the community, nation, and world. Pray. Identify needs. Serve. Give.

Go. Jesus sent His disciples in pairs. Let's Serve Together!

Carla Horton, Sunday School Director

Arrowwood Baptist Church
1410 South Carolina 11,
Chesnee, SC 29323
Phone:(864) 461-7725
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"Love Your City" Dates:

Sunday Evening (6pm), February 21st: Evangelism Strategy (Arrowwood Baptist)

Sunday Evening (6pm), March 13th: Warn Men (Chesnee First Baptist)

Sunday Evening (6pm), April 10th: Prayer Service (Piedmont Baptist)

Saturday (9am-1pm), April 16th: Love Your City Day (Meet at the Chesnee High School practice field, right across from Bi-lo)